Thursday, August 25, 2016

Session Report [O2] Learning the Ropes

Foolishly, I didn't write down details of this right away, and running an online game is a bit trickier to take notes as I'm already using all available screen space.  So, sadly, I don't have details.  I didn't even ask my players to send their character info so I don't have names.  Perhaps the rope-related-situation here is me learning how to report on an online sessions?  I was hoping that I brought my notes on this trip to be able to add details, but I have not, so share this post as written I shall.

The Party
  • Feener: returns and brings a few friends along.  
  • Someone has a flintlock (first glimpse of new technology for this crew)
  • Armon: had a tent, which he used for excellent comedic effect during introductions.
  • The other guy was there too!
  • How the hell did I forget to write down character names?

Action Highlights
  • The party wakes up and is disgusted at the stink of a huge rotting thing in the arrival cavern, the (now) usual discovery of the sand being ground bone and ash, and immediate investigation of the strange slots that look into another room.
  • Feener freaked out that the previous 15' cliff was now a 15' pit.  Also, a slime trail leading away from corpse in the cavern went into the field of statues.
  • In true adventurer fashion, statues were smashed.  They discovered 2 much newer statues that looked like a mighty warrior and a pirate.  Hmmm...
  • The party engaged in a violent battle with a pair of smaller versions of the Brul!  One of them had statue hands it was attacking with.  Also, strange magics made trustworthiness a bit complex.  And a character bit the dust.
  • Goblin: lumpy with green-hued skin, the old man named Goblin was a fine replacement.  The player had a better feel and got into it!
  • After bloody battle, the "snot nest" where the brul was sleeping was examined, eggs smashed, loot gathered, and equipment lost to avoid caustic damage of the mucus excretions.
  •  The sexy fountain room was explored; Feener now has beautiful teeth and full HP from that delicious water.  The door seemed to have disappeared, so the search for a way out was sexier than expected due to the explicit nature of the various bass relief on the walls.  Dirty dirty!
  • ...and here is where I forget exactly where we ended.  My fault.  Good story, I know.

GM Notes
  • I must write adventure notes within 1 day after the session ends. I must write adventure notes within 1 day after the session ends. I must write adventure notes within 1 day after the session ends.
  • Previously I had imaged that the primary method for defining characters and the world will be from Recovered Memories, but the Spout Lore move has some great opportunities.  I need to improve my flexibility and allow this to be an effective tool for helping to define the world and the characters.  I can keep things mysterious while allowing some things in.
  • Shedding the old methods of play (classic GM style) will be important for success.  Dungeon World is working it's magic on me without even trying.  Play to Find Out What Happens ... fine!  Actually I really like this.  Letting go of the world a bit more and letting the players play in a huge shared environment, my cues and loot helping refine the way players (and therefore their characters) 
  • A house rule for burning XP (with a story) to change die results is about to happen. Since I'm not using the standard character creation method some folks have a bit of dice-based disadvantage, but the XP gained by that can be used later to beef things up.  I'll let you know how it goes.