Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sorcerers [DoE]

What they Want
The wilds of Eradu are a terrible place for numerous reasons, but Sorcerers are some of the worst of all.  Let's figure out what they want - roll 1d12:

1 Solitude
2 to Destroy
3 to Enslave
4 World Domination
5 Power
6 Unknowable Knowledge
7 to Party
8 to Create Abominations
9 Collect
10 an Otherworldy Patron
11 to Devour
12 a Specific Relic

Influence of Scions
50% of Sorcerers have some sort of pact with the Lord of Scions.  For those that do, roll 1d10p x 5 to determine what percentage of the sorcerer's weirdness is Scions - the rest is wizardry and Patchwork freakishness.

1 Mental Enhancement
2 Bloody Violent Melee
3 Ranged Super Destruction
4 Incredible Articulation
5 Inhuman Prowess
6 Forbidden Knowledge
7 Strange Locomotion
8 Otherworldly Link
9 Complex Domination
10 Transmographic Brilliance
11 Multi-planar Sight
12 Universal Toolkit

Arcane Path
Roll for it!

1 Winter Mage
2 Promythean Mage
3 Skyward Mage
4 Dusk Mage
5-6 Mind Wizard
7-8 Death Sorcerer
9 Fleshcraefter
10 Beastmaster
11 Necromancer
12 Nullmage

A sorcerer has to have minions.  Roll 1d6

1-3 roll 3 random monster encounters and adjust to make them minions
4-5 roll 4 random monster encounters and smash them together to create 2 weird hybrid minions
6 roll 1 random encounter and enhance the crap out of it based on the sorcerer's path and/or Scions influence