Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Aldsburg Chronicles: The Spring

Between the plague that sprouted from the bowels of Lions Teeth Tower and a seemingly endless and terribly harsh winter, the spring is welcomed like a new god and savior in the crumbling warrens and glittering spires of Aldsburg.  A season has passed since the adventurers last set out (with results some might consider disastrous at best).

Around The Iron Streets
Life has gotten back to normal in the Iron Streets with one exception - the Central Gate has been sealed off and the wall between the Iron Streets and Smoke Hill has been rebuilt.  The Calis Contingent who runs Smoke Hill and Calis Mining (in the Calis Ward) has been charged with security and managing trade.  Clarissa the Grotesque has appointed Fremulon Yerk as Bishop of the Iron Streets, and he rules with a mightily corrupt and iron fist.

The Red Shields are all but gone.  Once their involvement in the plague became known mob justice took the bench and with fearsome brutality meted bloody justice.  The few remaining members of the Marigold Street Runners have taken their place as kings of the Iron Street underworld - the catwalks and platforms hanging over the Kellian Gorge served as a place of execution, and the bodies of many, dressed and painted in red, still swing in the mountain breeze.

The Coterie of the Unfettered Raven, bolstered by their association with the Magnolia Street Runners has gain in popularity and have more followers.  The Undying Temple, dedicated to the Wyrd, is in serious decline and rumors of a new type of gang warfare, spurred and powered by divine might, are seeming more and more plausible.

Around Aldsburg
  • Something terrible happened in the Steel Tower and it has not been opened in months.
  • Mountain Perl Tower, thought abandoned, is showing signs of life and prosperity.
  • Visitors to Aldsburg are increasing and more and more strangers are being seen.
  • A large contingent of Galresians have taken settled a section of the Guildhall in LionsTeeth.
  • More and more frequently dwarfs are seen around the city!
  • A halfling revolt in Jurgdan Tower has made it a dangerous place for tallfolk
  • Adventurers visiting Royston Vasey have returned with tales of dungeon adventure as well as the scars and loot to prove it!
Other Rumors
  • The Daemon Lord of Bortund is now demanding blood as payment for metal
  • An actual dragon is laying waste to the region around Frandor's Keep
  • Concerns about the Cult of the Horned Rat are all around the North ... something is brewing
  • Trolls and Ogres have been seen watching Aldsburg from the mountain peeks
  • The Devil Heldorado was seen gambling in New Hope and talking about a "Bloody Journey North"

Some Followup
  • Alois eventually rid himself of the parasites infecting his gut ... but that dungeon pie was delicious!
  • Backlash from the spell Boreas and Pendergast cast have linked them in a strange way ... they feel connected in an uncomfortable way.
  • Everyone has a season to do things (like alchemy, research, and so on), heal from all wounds, do some serious carousing, update equipment, and generally get ready for the spring adventures.
  • I'll be taking rumors from within the Aldsburg as well as the surrounding territory.  There are definitely dungeons in Bortund and Royston Vasey you know of, but plenty of party in Aldsburg as well.