Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mage Lineages in Eradu

I've let mages pick a specific totem to define their personality and use as a metaphor for creating new spells.  I'm trying out a new idea to keep things a bit more focused - lineage.  Within each lineage are a number of totems.  For example, Winter Mages learn from a lineage of the northmen and their totems and possible aberrations are similar.

Mage is the class, Lineage (four examples below) is the sub-class, and a Totem is the specialization. Totems and Aberrations are examples but surely not the extend of options.  Notes give a general feel for the mage and the quote hopefully seals the tonal deal.  Mechanically all of the mages work the same - this is entirely for flavor and role playing.

Totems: Ice, Snow, Wind, Rain, Storms, Lightning, Wolf, Bear

Aberrations: snow white hair, crystalline or blue skin, limbs made of ice, lightning issues from their mouth when they speak, they are always damp, hair and clothes being blown by an mysterious wind, radiate extreme cold, very susceptible to heat

Notes: The Winter mage is born of solitude and personal struggle.  Most discover their abilities during a time of intense isolation (either physical or mental).  The Winter mage holds most others in disdain and feels no allegiance to others of his ilk.

Quote: "When the razor snow rakes your skin and the wrath of Odin's lightning strikes your soul you may then know what a single thought of mine feels like."
image by devburmak (used without permission)

Totems: Fire, Stone, Steam, Lava, Cogs of the Earth, Serpent, Badger

Aberrations: bright red and orange hair, rough hewn skin, always in a haze of steam, everything touched begins to smoulder, teeth are stones, weep pebbles, limbs replaced with cogs and lever mechanisms, glowing eyes

Notes: Initiation rites of the Promythen Mage are harsh, some would say brutal, most would say strange and cruel.  There is a master & apprentice relationship that usually ends with the master's death.  The Promythean Mage takes no guff from anyone.

Quote: "Step across the line, milkback.  Please step across the line and show your pathetic friends that you aren't a kitten.  Come on over here and play with me."
image by jujusaurus (used without permission)

Totems: light, the sun, birds, open sky, celestial mechanics, astrology

Aberrations: moving tattoos, glowing skin, eyes are pinpoints of light, sprout wings, small objects orbit around head, eyes and mouth always wide open, always building or disassembling things, inability to articulate, obsessed with future events.

Notes: The Skyward are strange and esoteric mages.  They are seriously deficient when it comes to social interaction except with others of their kind.  They have gained insight into things that are so far beyond the comprehension of mortal man they simply don't think like the rest of folks any longer.

Quote: "I understand that the most recent 0.05e quantael shift within the aesthereal plane may have disturbed your interlaced cog contsruct, so I don't blame you for being so stupid."

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Totems: fog, moon, starlight, dusk, night, quiet, bat, feline, darkness

Aberrations: flesh is cloudy, can only whisper, shadows engulf face, shadows flee from caster, cat eyes, bat teeth, aversion to daylight, eyes are tiny stars, breath is a black cloud

Notes:While not evil, Dusk Mages tend to walk on the darker side of humanity.  Often silent or, when they do speak, barely audible, the Dusk Mage keep to themselves.  Rumor has it there are elaborate temples where the Dusk Mage revels rival the most boisterous of Ilkori pirate celebrations.  But this is likely just a rumor.

Quote: "Shhh.  Quiet now.  Try not to struggle."

image found on some blog, no credit given