Sunday, March 23, 2014

Location Cards: A few more examples

Just for fun I thought I'd do another Urban Location as well as a Rural one.

The Urban Cards

When two cards are listed as [3♥ - 4♠ ] the first is the primary card and the second one of the extra bits. 

Initial Draw
[Jok] Scrying Pool
[3♥] Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker

[3♥ - 4♠] Overly Ostentatious
[6♣ - 8♦] Place Your Bets
[4♠ - Sec] Peasant Uprising

The Village

The three brothers who control the guild activity in the village of Scumduter are both well known and feared.  They have an uncanny knack at predicting what goods will be arriving and where they are coming from and going to.  For a small village in the foothills of the Ramtops they are making more money than they know what to do with.  Rumor has it their home sits atop and ancient scrying pool once used by the Witches of Fell Crige (they were burned alive for dealing with demonic forces and also slaughtering a noble family).

Because of the wealth, the brothers have become ostentatious well above their station and, among other things, begun gambling at a rate previously unknown except to the riches and most degenerate men of cards and dice.  They live in such opulence and decadence that the local population (who are utterly poor because of the massive redistribution of wealth) is about ready to revolt.  Scumdutter is a powder keg ready to blow.

The Rural Cards

Same rules as above
Initial Draw
[6♣] Wolf Hunting Grounds
[7♠] Ancient Earthworks

[6♠ - 3♥] Hibernating Bear
[8♦] Field of Flowers
[J♥ - Sec] Stolen Goods

The Hex

Among the ancient and crumbling pillars of a long forgotten city hunt a pack of huge wolves.  They are fearsome to behold and any who linger in the night will surely encounter them.  Some say that the mysteries that lie beneath these earthworks are what give the wolves their speed and size and what cause the wildflowers here to bloom all year with exquisite beauty.  These flowers attract all manner of visitor willing to brave the Wolfrun to collect samples for profit and potential arcane use.

Unbeknownst to the foolhardy traveler is that Ugroduin sleeps here and has begun to stir.  Once an avatar of the Bear God that protected this land, Ugroduin is now half mad with rage from the hollowing of his god and the corruption of his land.  When he awakes again this Age he will stalk the land and add to his massive collection of stolen and looted goods (that in some way symbolize him taking back the land and position he has lost).  Of course, Ugroduin may need to wander far from home and will undoubtedly draw the attention of adventurers.