Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Dungeon of Lost Coppers

Dyson Logos is a fantastic map maker (Dyson's Dodecahedron) and he recently put together a contest to finish up one of his maps.  I whipped up a 3-level map.


Green: highest level
White: mid-level
Red: lower level

Southwest Caves: home to some gnarly slugmen that harass and generally cause problems for visitors to the dungeon.  They continue to be a problem because most adventurer types can't get into the entrace.

Northwest Aerie: A vulture infected with the Patchwork has grown huge and bloated.  it comes out only around dawn and dusk to hunt but the smell of the hollow thing, rotting from the inside, permeates the entire area.

Northeast Caves: Clever whitecap kobolds have set up an outpost to worship their strange mushroom god from on high.  They don't know about the secret entrance but are incredibly territorial.  Of course, they can be bartered and negotiated with because they'd prefer to let their fungal god do the fighting for them.

High Level, North: A long hall that opens into a gallery, ancient hall with intricately carved pillars that constantly shift uncomfortably, and a weak floor that will fall away into the lower level temple.

High Level, South:The western portion is the lair to a harpy of some sort that has a deal with the vulture.  The east has a bridge over the arena and a living statue that guards the door to the lower depths.  The grate across the central corner has long rusted shut.

Mid Level, West:  The lair of a young mind wizard that has a half dozen false men enthralled as slaves.  He collects various bits of lost culture and is creating a construct in the lower level that will seduce the unwary with promises of gold, sex, and extreme violence.

Mid Level, South: A strange structure that was once an arena.  The southern chamber is a large room with a fighting cage.  The north holds several cells, but there are no direct entrances to this location or ways to open the cells.  The northern walls of the corridor have ancient glyphs inlaid with long-ago looted metal and no longer function.

Mid Level, East: A grotto that leads to the temple and to unknown lower depths.

Lower Level: The mind wizard's construct is in the western chamber and the eastern cavers in a temple of sorts, more a shrine really, but definitely a place of dark worship for a two headed monkey god that appears to have spawned from Ktuth (in place of arms and a tail is has hashing barbed tentacles).


That was fun ... I think I might post up more maps moving forward.  Also, I entered the OSR Superstar Contest over at Tenkar's Tavern.  I'll post my magic item up after the contest.  Hey - anyone want to do some artwork for my magic items?