Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dungeon Doors

One Thing in 3.5e That I Like

I'm not a huge fan of 3.x D&D and beyond.  I'm not going to get into any sort of Edition War rant - it just wasn't a game for me.  Even with that in mind, there are a few things they did that I liked.  One thing is describing dungeon doors  in a bit more detail.  Mostly because my players are always trying to circumnavigate doors by bashing them in and whatnot. 

I'm updating the dungeon door material from 3.whatever to HackMaster (HMB and 5e for those keeping track).  I didn't feel the need to add all of the super weirdo types of doors (plant, void, etc.) from the supplements because honestly, if PCs encounter one of those types of doors, something strange is afoot and they will either completely avoid the door or try things that no rules could cover.


The hit points and DR of a door can be made variable, but it really doesn't matter.  When a player is attempting to hack down a door with weapons, the door still gets a 1d8p defense roll to see if any damage is done at all and is treated like a shield when the hit is a success.  Fumbled attacks (which is why there is an attack roll) always damage a weapon when attacking doors.

Bashing down a door is an opposed Feat of Strength roll.  Each attempt after the first is a cumulative +3 to the GM's roll.  Locked doors add between +2 (crap lock) and +5 (great lock); barring the door adds +4 to the GM's roll.

In all circumstances hacking, battering, or bashing down a door is loud and will cause a random encounter check with each attempt.
1d20 MaterialHP DR   Bash 
1 - 3 Wood, Simple2510 +0
4 - 6 Wood, Good3511+3
7 - 13 Wood, Strong5012+6
14 - 15 Stone10016+10
16 Iron10020+15
17 Steel 200  25+20
18 Portcullis, Wood  2011+8
 19 - 20   Portcullis, Iron8513+16

In any given dungeon roll to see if dungeon doors open (1-3) into rooms or (4-6) into hallways.  Between rooms or hallways the GM should determine based on the overall layout.  All dungeon doors are reinforced so you can't get at the hinges - they aren't wussy doors like you have in your house today.  They are bad ass and tough as hell.